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Domestic Abuse and Crisis Intervention.

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Michael A. Campbell

Working as a law enforcement officer for 23 years in an urban police department and a suburban police department afforded me the opportunity to see and realize that victims come in all forms regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious preference. Often, I see juveniles and spouses who become victims of their own environment with very little assistance afforded them. Collectively, our mission is to break the cycle by providing assistance where needed.

Our goal at Nubian Keepers Initiative is to rehabilitate and nurture our troubled youths and to provide support for victims of domestic violence.
Nubian Keepers Initiative‚Äôs premise is that the social and organizational characteristics of our urban neighborhoods help to explain the crimes that are committed by our youths and young adults alike. Many townships and counties have enacted social control policies to combat the crimes committed by juvenile offenders but their policies does not go far enough to rehabilitate and nurture those youths who are in need of positive reinforcement. Nubian Keepers Initiative have recognized that society deals with juvenile delinquency through formal and compulsory institutions which includes the Jin shelter, juvenile justice system, and law enforcement. Rather than employing the services of the institutions for social control, Nubian Keepers Initiative, Inc. will attempt to foster positive desired outcomes through a quasi-military academy that will be equipped to help our struggling youths who have turned to the criminal underworld for their love and support. At Nubian Keepers Initiative, we hope to restore the corrupt morals of our affected juveniles, as they represent our future.  

2016 - Michael Campbell noticed the emerging crisis that was developing across the nation which had deadly consequences for both minority victims and members of the law enforcement community. Such devastation on human lives prompted him to find a solution to help thwart the violence in the homes and on the city streets across the United States. His endeavor to help bring positive social change culminated into the creation of Nubian Keepers Initiative, Inc. Its mission is to help those who are in need of assistance as they traverse through life's challenges


Our organization will collaborate with Women Aware of Middlesex County and other domestic violence outreach centers that provide individual support for victims of domestic violence.

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